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On this page are links to meeting presentations and research into our local history.

Lillington’s Saxon Church

Did King Canute Visit Lillington One Thousand Years Ago?
Watch this video with commentary based on a talk given by Richard Taulbut to the Society in January 2020 and also for Leamington History Day in September 2020 to mark the one thousandth anniversary of the Saxon doorway in Lillington church. This video is also available on YouTube



Lillington C of E School

Inspection Reports 1881 – 1911

The original handwritten Inspectors’ reports on Lillington School for the period 1881-1911 are now in the care of the Society.

Reports were made annually by government inspectors [HMI] and provide a unique and objective insight into the school’s performance and development. The reports were sent to the Vicar as Chairman of the School Managers. They were not available to parents.

Important features include

  • The growing number of pupils as Lillington increases in size at the end of the Victorian period
  • Inspectors’ assessments of the quality of teaching and learning
  • Gender differences in the curriculum: Cottage gardening for boys, laundry and dairy work for girls
  • The statistical data relating to standards and attendance used to calculate the size of the school’s financial grant for the following year
  • Recommended changes and improvements to the building

A detailed analysis of each report has been prepared by Larry Connor. Please click here to read the full document.

Larry Connor & Chris Rhodes


Glebe View

The Story of a Lillington Villa
Glebe View once stood at the corner of Warren Close and Lillington Road. Read the story of a villa and the people who lived there.


Margaret Rushton


As It Happened

A Lockdown Diary
Judy Cooke in this Lockdown Diary records events local and national at the start of 2020 as Covid-19 took hold on our lives.